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Podcast & Blog: Mom Favs for a Healthy Family - Body and Mind

Click to Listen to podcast episode 40:

Chat with Val - Mom Favs for Body & Mind. Also, a Legacy Dream Come True! Episode 40

❓Do you ever get tired of telling kids "no" they can't watch that movie or show or listen to that music or play that game? ❗Help is here!!! This week on the podcast, I share with you a plan to reduce that stress, to help you say "no" less because your child is saying "no" for themselves - teaching them to be a gatekeeper to their heart. ❤It's an episode about Guarding Our Hearts - Body & Mind. Proverbs 4:23 says, "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it" Please take the time to learn how to do that with your kids in our culture today by listening to this week's podcast!

The episode wraps up as I share about a LEGACY DREAM COME TRUE for my husband and I!  What legacy dreams do you have and are you praying for and working toward?  

Be inspired by the Practically Speaking MOM Podcast, episode 40.

Grab your cup of coffee or tea and let's chat! While recording this episode I was having Bonita Peach Rooibos by the Spice and Tea Exchange that's located at the Branson Landing. We just returned from a trip to Branson, MO. If you are going there any time soon, be sure to visit The Landing at the top of an hour, down by the water. They do a short fire, water, light, music show and your whole family will enjoy it! Lake Taneycomo is such a pleasant backdrop for a memorable experience.

When you go, also stop in at Nika's Olive - my absolute FAVORITE cooking indulgence store. I explain why on this episode of the podcast.

A few of my favorite tips for healthy living begins our podcast this week, including the tip to add veggies into your diet three meals a day. I know that sounds crazy, but it's brought an important improvement to my health!

I'm on a journey back to health after neglecting ME way too long! The combination of ignoring my health needs plus stress and being hypothyroid, I had developed adrenal fatigue, very imbalanced hormones, and a lot of weight gain.

It's not been a quick journey back and I've got a long way still to go, but it's been steady improvement! I am almost 90% free from adrenal fatigue! (I'll do a podcast on that topic some time). Lately, most weeks on the podcast I'm sharing a few health hints.

Recently I began eating veggies three meals a day, increased my focus on getting healthy fats in every meal, and dropped a few categories of food (click here to listen to episode 35 to hear more about my road back to health). With these changes, I've lost 18 lbs in the last 5 weeks! I'm thankful for the progress!

Why Healthy Fats?

In today's podcast you'll hear some of my favorite healthy fats.

Healthy Fats

*helps our body to repair

*helps our brain function better

*gets our metabolism going.

My Favorite Veggies for Breakfast

Veggies at lunch and dinner doesn't sound unusual at all, but veggies for breakfast sounds really, odd, doesn't it?!

Here are a couple of my really quick breakfasts that includes veggies and healthy fats:

Val's Quick Veggie Breakfast #1

*Mixed Salad Greens, a big handful goes right on your plate (preferred organic)

*Drizzle Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil ( When you listen to the podcast, I mention a few of my favorite infused flavors from Nika's Olive)

*Sprinkle Seasoning lightly, such as Sesame Ginger from Epicure (Here's a link to my friend Jen's Epicure website. I prefer Epicure because they offer a lot of gluten free and dairy free options but I'd love to hear about where you get your gf, df seasonings also!) I also enjoy Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel seasoning. It doesn't say it is gf, but its ingredient list doesn't point to any gluten.

*Top with scrambled eggs. We scramble ours with ghee (another healthy fat option). Then, right before the eggs are finished, sprinkle in a generous portion of kefir (wonderful for healing your gut). I prefer goats milk kefir, which is easier for a body to digest than cows milk, but cows milk kefir is also a wonderful option).

*Top with Feta if you prefer (I'm avoiding dairy right now, so I'm skipping the Feta). Feta is one of the easiest cheeses for your body to digest and can easily be found in non-cow options, such as sheep milk Feta, the most traditional type.

Val's Quick Veggie Breakfast #2

Thoroughly blend the following in a blender (I like a Nutribullet because they're super easy to clean)

*Almond milk, about 8 oz