Save Your Sanity- The One-Hour-a-Week Quick Freezer Plan

When you’re feeding a family of nine (plus friends and relatives), you could easily find yourself in the kitchen every waking moment.  While I do like cooking, I don’t like that idea.

Another kitchen dilemma that I wanted to solve was that while I wanted kids to be able to cook a meal, having a child handle raw meat made me uncomfortable.

Thus was born my Main Meat Freezer Mixes – to save cooking time and to aid child cooks. It makes it MUCH more realistic to put a child in charge of the meal when the meat has already been prepped.

Teaching kids self-sufficiency and responsibility is essential to their experiencing an abundant life, so I am always looking for ways to grow their abilities in various life skills, including the necessary art of cooking.

I  admit, now that our family is the small size of five, I don’t have as big of a need to stock-up on these make-ahead mixes, but when I do make them it always saves so much TIME and MONEY.  It saves money because I can buy in bulk, go to the store less, and don’t make desperate purchases such as prepackaged meals or takeout.

When I evaluated the list of meals that our family had most frequently, I figured out that most of these dishes (21 out of 30 to be exact) were really different variations of six main meat mixes.  So I decided to start making these mixes in bulk, divide into a meal-size amount, and freeze it in a labeled freezer bag.  Such a simple way to solve two of my problems!

Below you’ll find the details for this simple plan.

Six Main Meat Mixes

  1. Raw Ground mix of  Beef or Turkey, frozen onion and pepper blend, eggs, *almond flour, tomato paste *I use almond flour because it is a low net carb food item but you could use bread crumbs

  2. Browned Ground Beef or Ground Turkey with frozen onion and pepper blend

  3. Browned Ground Beef or Ground Turkey, frozen onion and pepper blend.  Once browned add in cooked beans (pinto, black, or refried beans)

  4. Raw Chicken Diced 

  5. Cooked Chicken Diced

  6. Browned Sausage with frozen onion and pepper blend

(If you want to know proportions, I can’t say I’m big on measuring. My general rule is 1/2 cup of onion and pepper blend for every one pound of meat (1/2 cup may seem like a lot but it seems to make the meat go further and taste better; one egg per one pound ground meat; 1/8 cup of almond flour or oat flour or coconut flour or breadcrumbs per one pound of ground meat).  You will also need gallon size freezer bags and quart size freezer bags.

TIME: If you have about one hour per week that you can spend on Main Meat Mixes, that’s enough to do this plan. You will work on one type of Meat Mix each week.  Or I have also done this as a once a month project.  It all depends on how you want to shop for meat and store the meat until you’re able to prep the mixes.

WHAT TO DO: Make a list of all the main dishes that your family likes to eat using one of the above meat mixtures.

Such as, my family likes the following meals with the Raw Ground Beef or Turkey Mix:

Meatloaf          *Tator Tot Casserole         Meatballs

That’s a total of three dishes. So we want to have each of these dishes once per month.  I want to buy enough meat and other ingredients for making these three meals two times in two months.  Let’s say that I need about two pounds per meal, times three meals, times two months.  I’d need twelve pounds of ground meat. 

  1. I’d purchase the meat.

  2. Make the mixture.

  3. Divide it into six freezer bags and Label the bags.

It’s really that simple.  Now I’ve got the main meat prepped to make meals happen quicker for me or so that one of the kids can make a meal without having to do all those steps with raw meat.   Another thing I noticed, when I’d freeze the meat mixes ahead of time, I actually had time to make some good sides because the hardest and longest part of the work was already done!

It’s especially handy to go to your freezer once a week and get out all of the main dishes from the freezer at once and move them to the fridge.  This way we still have quite a bit of flexibility as to what meal we’ll do each night that week and it gives plenty of time for the food to thaw.  Its’s really that simple!

Here’s the list of dishes that my family likes from each of these Main Meat Mixes

  1. Raw Ground Mix: Meatloaf, Meatballs, *Tator Tot Casserole

  2. Browned Ground Mix: Speghetti Sauce, Cheeseburger Pie, Sloppy Joes

  3. Browned Ground Plus Beans Mix: Tacos, Chili, Enchiladas

  4. Raw Diced Chicken: Fajitas, Chicken Nuggets, Stirfry Chicken and Veggies, BBQ Chicken

  5. **Diced Cooked Chicken: Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Tortilla Casserole, Chicken Enchiladas, Chicken and Rice Soup, Chicken Salad, Chicken Tetrizzini, Sundried Tomato Chicken Alfredo

  6. Sausage Mix: Breakfast Casserole, Breakfast Burritos, Stirfry Sausage (I prefer Trim Healthy Mama’s Egg Roll In a Bowl recipe for our stirfry sausage meal).

*We love tator tots but it no longer fits with our family’s meal plan. Typically Tator Tot Casserole is raw hamburger mixture pressed in the bottom of a casserole dish, then a layer of cream of mushroom soup, then the top layer is tator tots.  Our modified version of this is the meat mixture on the bottom, then a thin layer of cheddar cheese, then a mix of almond flour, garlic salt, egg, and more cheddar mixed together and dropped on the casserole, baked at 375 degrees for 45 minutes).