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Squeaky Saxophone Notes are Music to My Ears: Mom Perspective Changes Through the Years

My husband Rich is in the family room teaching saxophone lessons to our youngest as he has taught different instruments with each of our seven children. You’d think the sound of her squeaks would be annoying. They’re not. Not to this mama who knows that time quickly passes and pretty soon I’ll miss the sound of a little person learning a new instrument, a little person growing up in our house. Savor the squeaks, mamas of littles, for before long the squeaks become more repetitive.  Then they actually start sounding like music.  Music fills the house until the day the musician grows up and moves away and he takes the music with him. Because I’m a mother of both older, grown children and other ones still at home, I have the blessing of learning my motherhood lessons while I still have time to mother.  Today I savor every squeak and I’ll take all the squeaks I can get.

Some family musical memories:

Andrew Piano Competition

Tori and her husband, Andrew.

Jammin in the Boys Room

Tori leading worship

Nathan on electric, Andrew D on drums, Tori acoustic and singing






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