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Launching your young adult child into the professional world is an overwhelming season for both parent and student. With many life-altering decisions to make, mapping out the plan can be a daunting task. Gaining Momentum is designed to help your student establish a path to success. You can see the finish line approaching, but what should be the next step – college or trade school, straight into the workforce, a gap year, or starting a business? No matter which of these options your student may be considering, there are some powerful steps that can propel him or her toward success. Gaining Momentum also gives an entire section to the topic of parenting in this unique season of your student’s transition to adulthood. From improving people skills to seeking God’s will in life decisions, this book helps Christian parents and students partner together for success with or without college..“Gaining Momentum: Preparing Your Student for a Career with or without College”Includes the following sections...*More Than a Lemonade Stand: Picking a Path After High School*Power Steps and Career Habits: Positioning Your Student for Success in “The Real World” *Success Portfolio Starts NOW: Creating a Success Portfolio in High School and Beyond*Relationship Momentum – Parenting in the Transition to Adulthood

Gaining Momentum: Preparing Your Student for the Pursuit of a Career with or wit

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