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I went to college by Chicago, received a degree in Communications, married my high school sweetheart, Rich, and we have been married over 27 years. It hasn’t been perfect, but it has been redeemed! If you’d like more of the story about our marriage, keep an eye on the Master Suite section of my website where we’ll be sharing some principles for growing a strong marriage.  

We have four girls and three boys.  The oldest three are married and we have two grandsons.  Of course I can’t leave out our family dogs Copper and Cali.

 I haven’t always parented my children as well as I should have, but I have always been committed to learning from my mistakes, asking for forgiveness, and allowing God to transform our wounds into His beautiful story of hope and healing.   I continually remain in awe of His ability to turn what I saw as my failures into His ministry. I am humbled and grateful.


Mother of seven, Val Harrison, knows how you feel as a dedicated yet overwhelmed mom!  Speaking at conventions, moms' groups, and in parenting classes for many years, Val encourages and equips parents with practical solutions in all stages of parenthood.

Her books include:

  • When Littles Are Loud: Maximizing the Moments without Drowning in Chaos

  • Wearing All Your Hats without Wearing Out: Finding Focus for Your Family to be the Masterpiece God Intended it to be

  •  Clash in Your Home: A Game Plan for Cleaning Up the Conflict

  •  Gaining Momentum: Preparing Your Student for a Career with or without College 

Through her website, , her podcast, “Practically Speaking MOM -- Intentional MOM, Strong FAMILY,” or in her online community @PracticallySpeakingMOM, Val wants you to remember that even with all of its unique personalities, imperfections, and scars – your family is God’s masterpiece in the making!

Speaking Topics

(For Homeschool Speaking Events, Val adjusts each topic to be homeschool specific)


When Littles are Loud; Maximizing the Moments Without Drowning in Chaos

For being the littlest bodies in the home, it sure is ironic that their needs are often the loudest. Young children can be especially demanding, but oh how very valuable are those early years.  As a busy family it is hard for parents to juggle a young child’s constant demand for attention while also trying to oversee the needs of our older children, manage the household, and just make it all come together. 


Speaker Val Harrison, mother of seven, will share practical strategies for scheduling a young child's day in a way that keeps their heart filled while still having time to focus on older students' schoolwork, chores, and even God-moments as well.  It takes a balance of both ORDER and FLEXIBILITY to identify these God-moments in our children's day and to maximize those moments without drowning in constant chaos. Join us for a workshop about scheduling, training, loving and living with littles in a busy household.

Wearing All Your Hats without Wearing Out resource

Wearing All Your Hats without Wearing Out

 How many times do we find ourselves overwhelmed and at our wits' end, feeling pulled in too many directions at once? Our obligations are endless as we're expected to be wearing multiple hats at any given moment; from cook to counselor... SO many hats! How are we to keep from being constantly frazzled and depleted?  We’re going to look at the real priorities (four main hats) in parenting, get a new perspective on all the crazy obligations, and implement some practical solutions for reducing the chaos. Wearing All Your Hats without Wearing Out is about the four main steps to find your focus for your family to be the masterpiece God intended it to be.


Time-Saving Strategies for Busy Homes  

If you’re busy spinning your wheels, nagging or arguing with your kids, or feeling lost in chaos, you’re missing the blessings! Packed with practical solutions, this workshop is designed to equip your family with positive habits that should free up your time to pursue the full, abundant life that God has planned for you.  Strategies in the workshop include:

*Getting Kids to Listen the First Time  

*An Effective Strategy for Teaching Kids to Do Chores Thoroughly and Faithfully

*Raising a Luke 2:52 Kid: A Simple Strategy to See Regular Growth in the Four Main Areas of Your Child's Life

*Technology Control – Internet Contract and Accountability

Clash in Your Home workshop

Clash In Your Home


Every person has communication habits and hang-ups that need to be eradicated or at least overhauled.  Not only that, but when you're a part of a family, you've got a whole flock of folks displaying each of their individual communication flaws which cause frequent clashes in the home.  This workshop is about the real-life, everyday conflict that you often find yourselves in as a family. As a mom of seven with a degree in communications, speaker, author, and podcaster Val Harrison will stand by your side as you open that scary door to your family dynamics and help you get a game plan for cleaning up the conflict traps that might be lurking in your home.    The communication habits your family has TODAY are going to shape countless relationships and situations TOMORROW. There's not going to be a better time to begin transforming your family dynamics than right now. Val will talk about strategies for teaching kids (and their parents) how to take off the boxing gloves and work together. You will also learn about “Mercy Seat Parenting” - the complex art of balancing mercy with unwavering standards, modeled after the ultimate parent, our Heavenly Father, and how He parents us. It's exciting to think how much you can improve your family dynamic as well as your kids' future relationships by dealing with the clash in your home.

Help! My Home is Full of Difficult Personalities and One of them is Mine! worshop

Help! My Home is Full of Difficult Personalities and One of them is Mine!


This workshop is here to help!  We’ll figure out each unique personality in your family and what each person needs to thrive, shine, and blossom together as a masterpiece!  Unique but united! It is possible to identify the different personalities in our home, to be equipped for maximizing the strengths of each of those personalities, and to strategically deal with the most common weaknesses of each personality type. 


We'll identify the personality type of parents and equip him/her with the tools needed to avoid pitfalls. We'll also look at the personality types of our children and find out what each of those types need to succeed, what shuts them down, and what makes them blossom! 


Our personalities are gifts from God, and our family needs every one of those personality types that God has given us!  For our family to be all that God intended it to be, we've got to quit trying to turn our kids into mini-me's when they need to be developed into who they were meant to be!