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Note from Val…“This section of my website is where I showcase my favorite resources for my family, in case they might benefit your family as well. Please note that some of the resources below are affiliate links that I may make a small commission from its provider. Please know that I only share affiliate links from resources that I personally use and have bought for my family multiple times over. I share about these resources because I’m thankful for how they’ve benefited our family personally.”

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Learn scripture with your children to address relevant day to day topics!

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Evaluate conflict in your home so that you can replace bad actions, attitudes, and words with Christ-honoring ones.

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"Here's what I use for filtering drinking water and shower heads at our house. I've used Berkey for about four years.  We've been totally pleased.  It saved us money over going to the store each week to fill up our big plastic jugs.  The quality of water is so much better.  This is an affiliate link, so I would get a small commission from purchases you make through this link.
Vista Print affiliate link $20 off
Over the last twenty years I've ordered many things from Vista Print (business cards, stickers, return address labels, hats, car magnets, postcards, invitations).  They've always been quick, reliable, great customer service and very inexpensive design department.  The couple of times that I wasn't happy with something, they replaced it quickly and cheerfully.
If you use this referral code, you'll get $20 off a $40 or more order and I will too!
I use Square for my credit card processing.  They've been a great company to work with.  If you also need credit card processing for a business of your own, if you use this link you will get $1000 in free processing and so will I!" Click HERE
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Learn more about Trim Healthy Mama HERE: Click Link
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Covenant Eyes is an wonderful way to protect your family from digital content that is not uplifting and godly. Learn more here
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If you don't have an Usborne consultant, I'd love to be yours! Usborne Books has been my favorite source for children's learning books for over two decades.  Their educational books are so fun, the child chooses to read them, look at them, and learn! Learn more HERE!

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If you don't have a Mary Kay consultant, I have been one for over twenty years.  Check out their new NATURAL skincare line! Click HERE
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Does your family have a Family Internet Safety Pact?
You have fire alarms to protect from fire, door locks to protect from intruders, and seatbelts to protect in car accidents. What protection are you using to protect the hearts and minds in your home from the internet scavengers that abound?
If you'd like to utilize my family's plan - either to duplicate or to just get ideas for making your own, it is only $2 for the download from my website.
Here's the link:…/family-internet-us…