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A List of Resources for Helping Kids to Get God’s Word and Wisdom into Their Hearts

I’m sure you’ve noticed that children seem to be little sponges, soaking up all the words that are swirling around their environment. Around two years old, the average toddler reaches a milestone that experts call “the naming explosion” when suddenly toddlers are speaking about 100 different words. By 2 1/2 it’s climbed to 300, and by age 12, kids are comprehending about 50,000 words.

How do they learn all of those concepts? Simply by absorbing the world around them. That’s why we want to be intentional about giving our family environment an atmosphere full of wisdom and love.

What if there was a super simple way to help your kids get lots of God’s word and His wisdom tucked permanently into their hearts? Did you know there are an abundance of highly meaningful and FUN resources for kids to learn the word of God? I’ve found, through raising seven of my own children, that kids can learn SO much just by having audio material turned on while they’re playing, cleaning, resting, riding, etc. Equip your home and vehicle with impactful materials for them to listen to, watch, or read.

I’ve compiled a very short list of my favorite materials for helping kids to learn the most important concepts of their life – concepts about God our Creator and the wisdom He has given us in His Word. Hope you enjoy these as much as our family has through the years…


Jonathan Park Audio Adventures has been some of our family’s favorite ways to learn truth about science and history and the Bible. (Around 2nd-7th graders will like it most).

Diana Waring for history, , (Audio material for upper elementary through high school and adults)

Focus on the Family Radio Theatre (all ages) and Adventures in Odyssey (elementary and up) are both made by

Awana CDs are full of ways to memorize God’s word and have wonderful explanation of scripture for kids (you can order them directly from their website) , Cedarmont Kids, NIV Live (dramatized Bible on cds, word for word NIV that sounds like radio theatre) can all be found at

Lamplighter audio books from or get them at also

VIDEO SERIES that help to Hide God’s Word in Our Hearts, our family likes:

The Bible Project, free on YouTube (great for ALL ages)

Torchlighters, free on Amazon Prime (older elementary and middle school),

What’s In the Bible made by Phil Visher, the same guy that created Veggie Tales, great for ALL ages).

DEVOTIONAL BOOKS to help kids learn about God, Here’s some of my favorites: What We Believe series by Apologia are also available at Beginners Bible 365 Devotions The Pray and Play Bible is the greatest Toddler Bible EVER! Whits End Meal Time Devotionals from Focus on the Family

God and Me (Weekly devotionals for girls and boys available in a variety of ages) The Attributes of God for Kids by Lydia White, this coordinates with Seeds Family Worship and was based on the book by A.W. Tozer (for ages 4-11)

I am not an affiliate of any of the above. I do have an affiliate link (make a small financial credit) for the educational memory songs website subscription that our family has used for years: Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Walking this intentional parenting journey right along with you,

Val Harrison



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