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Finding Jesus in the Fail Week

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, this was a “NOT THIS WEEK” for me. You know, some weeks you are really self-disciplined in character and you do the right thing all over the place. Well, NOT THIS WEEK, not for me. FAIL is way more descriptive of how my attitude and emotional self-control went.

So, in light of my FAIL WEEK, here’s what God spoke to me this weekend as I took a break from the holiday hustle and bustle and zeroed in on some God-time:

  1. My will is often my enemy. God’s best is best. I don’t always want God’s will; I want mine. Mine looks good or feels good at the moment, but it isn’t bathed in HIS BLESSING so it ends up being really stinky and rotten and in the end is such regret. Boy, I think there’s nothing worse in life than regret.

  2. God sometimes intentionally withholds “fixing” a situation because He wants us to lean into Him- He wants us to NEED Him, to HUMBLE ourselves, to feel His LOVE not just His ability. Sometimes we need HIM when we think we need a SOLUTION.



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