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Let's Get Real! Val & Tiff have a Heart to Heart about the MOMlife, part 1of 3

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

The mom life is so much more meaningful when we share the journey with a friend! Today begins a mini-series with one of my dear friends, Tiffany Deschner, an intentional mama of three adorable daughters. 🎧 CLICK TO LISTEN TO EPISODE 70, Let's Get Real! with Val & Tiff I just knew in my heart that you all needed to meet Tiffany. She's a JOY-GIVER and we all could use more joy!

What do we CHAT about this week, Episode 70? (Part 1 of 3) ❤ Responding instead of Reacting, Getting to the Heart of an Issue ❤Learning to Lean In to God in a difficult situation rather than resisting it.

Questions to ask God when we are "leaning in" to the situation:

❓God, what are you doing? ❓God, where are you at work in this situation? ❓God, how can I join you in your work? ❓God, how are you shaping me as a mom through this situation?

Deut 8:2-3 says, "Remember how the Lord your God led you all the way in the wilderness... to humble you and to test you in order to know what was in your heart..." ❤ Mom'ing Under a Microscope - It seems everyone is constantly evaluating us. That's a lot of pressure!

Quote from our guest, Tiffany Deschner, "Mom guilt” seems to be celebrated among mom circles and I want moms to know that God doesn’t want us living in or parenting from a place of 'mom guilt' rather a life of abundance in Him."

❤It's so important for moms, especially with little connect with other moms.

We too often find ourselves isolated and lacking fellowship, support, and wisdom from mamas who've been where we are at right now.

We also need a BREAK from the kiddos once in a while.

And we need to hear, "yeah, my kids are doing that too" or "what you're feeling is normal" or "this is what motherhood looks like" or "you've got this."

We need an opportunity to acknowledge the hard parts of the momlife that aren't on the social media news feed.

❤Tiffany shares some awesome tips for curbing fits or tantrums or bursts of misbehavior or bedtime drama. One of these tips will also help you figure out if the fit or tantrum is beyond your child's control. ❤We discuss the importance of follow-through with what you say to your kids. Whether you give a warning or a promise, either way, your word must be kept if you want them to listen and value your words in the future.

Resources mentioned in this episode (click the links below):

MOPS Moms of Preschoolers organization - connect to a community near you

More with Tiff & Val in episodes 71 & 72

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