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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

God's solution to our family's heartache. Our family bonding plan that became a big hit!

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Family Spontaneous Friday
“It’s Spontaneous Friday! Where will we go? What will we do?” #FamilySpontaneousFriday

Rich and I are NOT naturally fun people, as I’ve mentioned before.  We’re great at getting WORK done, but not good at making FUN happen! Thus, oddly enough, we have learned to schedule some spontaneity.  (I know, I know, kind of ridiculous, but hey, we’ve identified our weakness and we’re overcoming it so cheer us on!)

Why we needed this…

Spontaneous Friday was God’s solution to our family’s awkward heartache over our reduced family size.

If you’ve ever said “goodbye” to a child as they’ve moved out to get married or gone to college or the military or even passed away, you understand the indescribable ache in your mama heart and the tailspin that the rest of the family goes through in trying to adjust to daily life without that person.  It somehow affects the entire family dynamic and identity as each child’s role in the family shifts to accommodate the change. 

Tori and Andrew Wedding
Tori (our oldest daughter) and Andrew

Our family shrunk to half its size in a blink. In a few month’s time, our oldest two daughters got married,  we moved to a new city for my husband’s job transfer, and our oldest son stayed behind as he was established in  his job and was taking college classes.   Three kids, two sons-in-law and my parents were suddenly gone from our daily life. 

Our youngest two daughters had a very hard time with their older sisters getting married. Click here to read, “What to do with the Sad Little Sisters: Season of Change”

Moving Truck
Here’s our moving truck pulling away from our home in the country, headed to our “fixer upper” in suburbs of another state.

Flower Girl
Emma as flower girl at her big sister Becca’s wedding

Moving Family
The six of us who moved away

Nathan and Katelyn Wedding
Here’s the most recent picture of our family when we’re all together, at our oldest son, Nathan’s wedding to Katelyn, July 2019, four years after our move.

Our younger children were feeling lonely and bored without their older siblings and we all felt out of place. We would sit around the table at meal time in our new-to-us home, not knowing how to visit without Nathan’s jokes, without Becca’s contagious laughter, or without Tori’s fun-loving banter.     I was used to cooking for 13 plus whatever friends were at the house that day and suddenly I was cooking for six.  Six soon turned into five as Josh left for college as well. Five may sound like a lot to you, but to us it was heartbreaking.

We were struggling in our new identity and what we really needed was to bond as a new family unit. That’s when God gave us the idea of SPONTANEOUS FRIDAYS! 

Foosball Tourney and Super Smash Bros Brawl Tourney Night! #FamilySpontaneousFriday