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Podcast & Blog: A Girl's Self-Worth: Parenting Teens & Those Who Will Be, Pt 1- Episode 32.

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

This week we're talking about parenting Middle School and High School girls. I'm joined by Victoria Dahilig, a youth director in Christian ministry, and she is also my oldest daughter.  If your kids are younger than teens, please listen also. 

Intentional Mom, now is the time to determine where you stand on many complex issues and now is the time to begin impacting your daughter's perspective while also planting seeds of the right values. 

Then too, if you are a mom with girls in this stage right now, you are needing some clarity of mind on all the complex issues you are currently facing.  My prayer is that this two-part series will provide that for you. 

In this first part, we're looking at the complex messages that the culture is telling your daughter.  We look at the UNIQUE ROLES of moms and dads and how each shape their daughter's perspective about herself. 

Your daughter is watching you (even in the teenage years). 

Mom, she's seeing how you treat yourself - both in words and actions. 

And, Dad, she's watching you too -to see how you treat her, her mom, and all the women around you. 

Are you living out the same values and perspectives that you want your daughter to have about herself?

What's your daughter's view of




How are you shaping her definition of  BEAUTY according to God’s perspective instead of culture’s perspective.

NOW is when you shape their perspective about RELATIONSHIPS, helping them see that their value is NOT DEPENDENT on having the approval or acceptance of any boy or their ability to get a boyfriend

In this episode and in part two, we're looking at the complex messages that the culture is telling your daughter. The messages are contradictory and confusing and, generally, these message are the opposite of what is TRUTH.

We begin in part one and continue in part two with perspectives about relationships with boys. You want to teach your daughters healthy relationship skills with the boys around them. Girls don't need to FLAUNT their bodies to boys but they also don't need to feel ashamed of being feminine. Girls don't need to prove themselves worthy to the girls or guys in their life - they have worth apart from performance, apart from appearance, apart from being in a romantic relationship. In fact, a romantic relationship too young can be a real distraction from growth right now - life timing matters on the topic of romantic relationships and we'll talk about that in Part 2, coming soon. Regarding a competitive attitude with their peers, competition is for games and sports, not relationships. The boys in your daughter's life deserve mutual respect and kindness, not manipulation, not competition. We go into this in part two.

Tori, Katelyn, Emma, Becca, Abby (left to right)

,I'm the mom of four girls ranging in age from 26 to 10. You get to know all of them from time to time on the podcast. In fact, there will be an upcoming episode where all four girls join me in the Practically Speaking MOM studio (a.k.a. usually my bedroom) to talk about many aspects of growing up from siblings to sharing bedrooms to figuring out life, it's a Tell All edition. LOL. Keep your eye out for this behind-the-scenes look at being raised by the Practically Speaking MOM. Plus I'm blessed to be a mother-in-law to a precious and amazing woman named Katelyn. She must love our son Nathan an awful lot to be brave enough to join this crazy family! Our family also includes three sons, two sons-in-law, and two grandsons. We're a big, blessed masterpiece designed by God. Every family is God's masterpiece in the making - full of unique personalities, imperfections, and scars. We're not perfect, but we are redeemed!

Our family at Nathan and Katelyn's Wedding.

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