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Podcast & Blog: Living a Lifestyle of Feasting with the Father

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Listen to the Podcast Episode that coincides with this blog post. The Podcast contains much more than the blog this time.

Please note: This post is just an INTRODUCTION to this topic. More is coming! Keep listening to the podcast and watching this blog for more to come on Living a Lifestyle of Feasting with the Father!

Mom friends who listen to my podcast and read my blog, it is an honor to spend time with you each week. You are intentional moms who recognize that God is your source – even as multi-tasking marathon mamas, you know that God has prepared a banquet table for you all along your marathon path.

He wants to fellowship with you every day to provide all the wisdom and energy you need for your seemingly endless obligations. He wants to give you everything your soul longs for to be able to praise Him even in the midst of your circumstances.

Intentional mom, what your child needs most from you is for you to be a mom who is feasting with the Father every day. What does that look like? It is..

*Bringing your offering of brokenness, doubt, anxiety, weariness and giving it all to God.

*Allowing Him to wash over your thoughts and emotions.

*Through reading His word and seeing circumstances from His perspective, you are learning how to abide with Him and how to receive all the provision that He offers.

This is living a lifestyle of Feasting with the Father.

. And that is what all of our children need most from us. Let me say that again. What our children need most from us is a mom who is living a lifestyle of Feasting with the Father. Our kids don’t need all the latest gadgets. They don’t need to have a hip mom who knows all the right lingo and dresses in the cutest yoga pants on the block. Your kids don’t need all the greatest entertainment or all the expensive events nearly as much as they need a mom who recognizes that God is her source – her source of strength, of wisdom, of direction, of peace in the midst of life.

Likewise, when I speak at events, such as the recent moms retreat in McPherson, KS that I mention in the podcast this week, or the upcoming Moms Winter Summit in Tulsa, OK, what attendees need from me is not a polished performer. They just need a broken mama who has been redeemed by her Creator to remind them of who He Is and who they are because of Him. He is

the great restorer of relationships,

the awesome inventor of new beginnings,

a tender-hearted wise friend,

a victorious king,

and the Abundant Provider.

That’s who they need to hear from, not me. Your children are the very same.

Your kids don't need a polished mom as much as they need a broken mom who has been redeemed by her Creator to remind them of who He is and who they are because of Him.

It’s always my goal and challenge as a speaker to set me aside and just speak whatever God wants me to say. And you know, God is faithful to intercede through my imperfections, to fill in the gaps in my inabilities, and help each mom hear what they need most. I’m so inspired by the Holy Spirit’s miraculous ability to meet each mom where they are at, even though we’re all at different places. I’m humbled to get to participate in that process through my speaking events, my podcast, and in my blog. That same God will intercede on your behalf as well, as a mom who is feasting with the Father - He is filling in the gaps in your inabilities and helping your kids receive what they most need from Him.

This great God is waiting for each one of us each day at His table of abundant provision, not just on Sundays or at special events. He’s waiting there DAILY for you, longing for time with you and with me to nourish our souls and meet our needs. He longs to fellowship with us at his abundant table every day – that’s living a lifestyle of feasting with the father. I’m looking forward to talking more with you about this in some future podcast episodes. I am going to take you through the steps of learning to live a lifestyle of Feasting with the Father. I’ll share these steps one at a time over several upcoming episodes and I will add links to each step at the bottom of this blog post so that you can continue through all of it right here.

If you would like to meet with me in person to talk more about this, I hope you will come to the Moms Winter Summit, Feb 28-29, 2020! It's actually quite affordable and it's full of friendships, fellowship, food, and Feasting with the Father When You Feel Like a Frazzled Mama. That's my first session. Session two will be Drawing the Hearts of Your Family to God's Abundant Table. Please come! I would love to meet you and get to know you.

Listen to the podcast episode that coincides with this blog post. Episode 22:

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