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Podcast & Blog: Unlock Your Child's Strengths & Impact their Self-Perception, Episode 63

CLICK TO LISTEN to Episode 63, Unlock Your Child's Strengths & Impact their Self-Perception.

Episode 63 focuses on two of our child's heart-questions, “Am I worth Knowing?” and “Am I worth Believing In?” It gives insight into how to DISCOVER your child's strengths that may be hiding behind "weaknesses" and also gives practical ways to impact your child's self-perception.

In this second week from my material, "Your Love Becomes Their Strength, Answering the Six Questions of Your Child's Heart" we join again with the Chosen Mamas Podcast, where I was asked to be a guest.

We will look at three common parent dilemmas:

1.What to do when our child’s weaknesses are covering up their strengths

2. What to do when our child doesn’t believe in themselves or is consumed by negative self-talk

3. How to identify my children’s strengths and get a game-plan for growth.


Yesterday, my youngest daughter, Emma, and I were reading together about SNAIL SHELLS. The science material was saying that a snail is like a slug wearing a cool-looking house on its back that goes its entire life without ever getting to see the most beautiful part of itself.

So a snail body is ugly and slimy, right? It’s definitely nothing exceptional. But then it’s got this beautifully-crafted-by-God one-of-a-kind ornament on its back – an ornament with multiple purposes. Besides aiding the snail in multiple ways, the shell also adds joy and brilliance to our world, and it points to a divine creator-God.

That got me thinking … snails are a lot like many kids (and even many of us adults) that only see the ordinary part of ourselves – maybe even see our ordinariness as unattractive and unwanted when all the while, we have wonderful, uniquely-designed-by-God qualities that we don’t see.

Can I share another sad reality and make it slightly uncomfortable for a second?

Here goes...

There are times that we moms only see the ugly-side of our kids and have trouble finding the beauty. At times, I’ll see the ugly, slimy part of my child and the slime trail they’re leaving behind wherever they go, while I am completely overlooking the tremendous gift of their creative mind or their compassionate heart or their attention to detail…

Intentional Mom, it’s our job to help our kids see their God-designed beauty.

Part of our role as intentional moms is to identify God’s unique design in our children, to help our child to see their unique, intentional-design, And – here’s another key part- help them to allow the Holy Spirit to HONE their gifts & strengths and work on their weaknesses that may be overshadowing those strengths,

You know, buff those strengths until they shine, sand off the sharp points and rough edges.

This process is the tremendous privilege we are given in motherhood of partnering with our kids and with God to develop their lives into their purpose.

Last week I introduced you to the Six Questions of your Child’s heart.

We talked about the question, “Am I worth Restoring?” Here's a link to episode 62: Mending Your Child's Heart at every age.