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Positive Reinforcement Tools & Making a Mom Brain Book to Reduce Overwhelm, Pt2 of MOM BOX, Ep 75


One of the great privileges of motherhood is that we can praise and affirm our children in ways that spur them toward growth and good behavior." - Val Harrison in episode 75

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to Episode 75: Tools to Increase Positive Reinforcement & Making a Mom Brain Book, Part 2 of What's In My Mom Box?

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to Episode 74: Tools to Reduce Negative News from Mom's Mouth, Part 1 of What's In My Mom Box?

In Episode 75, What's In My Mom Box? Common Tools that Make Motherhood More Effective, Part 2, we are looking at at POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT TOOLS and also looking at my BRAIN BOOKS. I share how you can make your own brain books to reduce overwhelm and help you keep track of everything you want to keep track of for the past, present, and future! Seriously, my brain books have been such a game-changer for my momlife!

QUOTES from Ep 75

"You want to always be in the process of discovering more about your child - what really motivates them to growth and self improvement and character development. We're talking about POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT TOOLS! "

"Kids need positive reinforcement. They need to know you are PLEASED & PROUD of them,

PRAISE what you want REPEATED - give positive attention to encourage positive growth."

Here's some examples of Positive Words to Your Child that Motivates Future Behavior

"You have been a blessing to me today when you cleaned up before I even asked you to help!"

"I was so proud of you this morning when I saw you stop to help your younger sibling."

GROUP ATTENTION or PERSONAL ATTENTION - which lights up your child and motivates growth in them?

When determining what kind of praise will be most effective with your child, GROUP ATTENTION PRAISE or PERSONAL ATTENTION of PRAISE, it all depends on the child - do they like GROUP ATTENTION or do they like PERSONAL ATTENTION? Figure out what is effective affirmation for your child.

Here's some examples of giving your child PRAISE in front of a GROUP:

✅Clapping for your child or getting the whole family to clap (I know that may sound silly to you, but some children really respond well to this type of affirmation),


✅Giving them a Badge to Wear,

✅Calling their Grandparent and telling them about your child's positive actions

Some examples of giving PERSONAL PRAISE

✅Pat on the Back

✅High Five

✅Looking them in the eye and giving specific acknowledgment for specific actions

✅A note to tell them how proud you are of your child

Incentive Programs are another form of Positive Reinforcement. Some examples of different Incentive Programs for growth. This is a way to CELEBRATE GROWTH WITH YOUR CHILD.

This Blessing Chart was an Incentive Plan I made when Emma was going through a self-centered stage. She needed something to get her in the HABIT of thinking of others. This chart produced great results! I'm so thankful to say that she did make huge improvement in her ability to be aware of the needs and feelings of other. This chart really worked! But if it wouldn't have, I would have tride the next thing... Some things will work and some won't but you just keep trying new options that bring kids to the standard. The standard doesn't change but the method can vary, based on what is effective with your child.

Here's another chart we made when there was a lot of grouchiness going on! Five spots for five days of the week to write something we felt thankful about our life. Again, my goal was changing HABITS. In this case, the habit of what we THINK about or our PERSPECTIVE.

The 2nd half of this episode reveals how to make a MOM BRAIN BOOK. This was a game changer for my life! I began with one consolidated brain book, but eventually this became SIX brain books - one for each of the SIX ROOMS OF THE INTENTIONAL MOM's HOME: