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What Makes Your Child Come to Life?! Pursuing their Passions. Episode 31 Podcast & Blog

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

This may be one of my favorite podcast episodes! It's a mother/daughter discussion and was so much fun to record! I hope you'll click here to listen to "What Makes Your Child Come to Life?! Pursuing their Passions. Episode 31."

My second to youngest child, Abby, 15, joins me this week to discuss:

*The Joy of helping your kids pursue their passions that makes them Come to Life!

*Equipping your child to grow in Three Character Qualities (Compassion, Courage, and Conviction) by Learning about Missionaries. *Six Steps to Thrive during Crisis-Schooling (due to pandemic 2020)

*PLUS a very special ending by Abby Harrison - don't miss the ending!!

Before I post the content to accompany this week's podcast, I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter from our family (my husband and our three youngest children). Of course Easter looks very different this year (pandemic 2020) - no dressing up and worshiping at church for anyone and not getting our entire family together (there's 14 of us including the three married and two grandchildren). So we thought we'd make it memorable and put some Easter baskets on some porches. We included some communion elements - mini grape juice bottle and crackers- along with some candy and veggies and fruit. Just a little pick-me-up for people stuck at home.

For our family, Easter is much more than Easter baskets and family traditions. It is a day to celebrate that the One who created us, loved us enough to send His son into the world (God becoming a man) to live like us, to take the penalty for all the wrongs we all have ever done and will do, and then He adopts us as His children as well, giving us all the privileges that come with being a child of God.

Happy Easter, my dear intentional friends. Love, Val

Helping Your Child Discover and Pursue Their Passions...

I love this topic so much! In fact, I have to chuckle a little when I say that one of MY passions is motivating parents to help their children discover their passions!

Intentional mom, make this a matter of prayer - ask God to bring ways for your child to feel inspired by something, something that would make them come to life!

God has created each of our children with unique qualities, thoughts, ideas, interests, strengths, and perspectives that the world needs! The world would really miss out if it never experienced these hidden gems in your child!

Be on the lookout for topics and activities that make your child sparkle. Then ask God to provide opportunities for your child to develop these interests. Be observant and quick to take action, because God will start answering your prayers and you want to be ready!

For my daughter, Abby, missions and geography and foreign languages are some of her passions, along with music. She and I talk on this episode about how we have fostered some of this discovery in our family- as we share some ideas and resources with all of you! In fact, this would be a great episode for your kids to listen also!

Making missions a part of your child's worldview is a portion of this week's podcast - to highlight the value of helping your kids discover their passions to pursue & also highlighting the character growth of Compassion, Courage, and Conviction. We conclude this section by discussing Teaching your kids the habit of playing I SPY - looking for God at work and looking for God showing you ways to join Him in His work!. It's a very exciting way to live and it is based on the character qualities of Compassion, Courage, and Conviction that are formed while learning about heroes of the faith who cared enough about others to sacrifice comfort and ease of life to make a difference in someone else's life - usually in strangers lives, no less! We share a lot of resources for helping your kids discover missionary stories to build their character!

Most of our children have been able to do international mission trips and it has shaped each of them in unique and transforming ways - it grows their worldview regarding all of life. This is our middle son, Josh, in Haiti. When you've experienced being a third world country and seen that the people have great joy in spite of great need, suddenly your first world wants don't seem so important. When you've grown your compassion, courage, and conviction, it shapes all of your decisions, all of your attitudes, and all of your pursuits...

Resources we discussed on this week's podcast for Kids regarding Heroes of the Faith:

Academic and Bible Memory Songs: