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What to Do with The Sad Little Sisters: Seasons of Change

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

This has played out twice so far in our family.  Our younger daughters (four and nine at the time) were getting so disillusioned by the feeling of abandonment by their two older sisters who were both getting married.  My husband and I decided it was time for an intervention – of the vacationing kind.  As in, the little girls and I tagged along with Daddy on one of his business trips out of town.


Daddy worked while the girls and I hung out at the hotel, slept late, ate chocolate, and played at the mall.

We tried on “I’m the bride” sashes and veils  and dreamed about the day when it would be their turns to wed their Prince Charmings.  It was a nice opportunity to remind them that their sisters had been dreaming of this time their whole lives also and that it would be even more special for their sisters if we could be happy for them.  We talked about how God made all of life to be constantly changing like the seasons, the stages of a flower, or a pup becoming a dog and then a mama dog who has puppies of her own.  

When our kids are having a hard time with the changes of life, instead of scolding them that they shouldn’t be feeling that way, we need to let them know we understand the pain they’re feeling. And then we need to make some new memories!

Give them some special time, a shoulder to cry on, and a listening ear.  Their smiles will eventually return.  The new chapter will begin… and it will be even better than the chapter before it.

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