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What was the "Secret Sauce" that Held Them Together? Here's a short story of a marriage that lasted.

This week on the podcast, episode 106, Rich joins me in the studio to share a hopeful story and a family vacation idea. It’s a one-week pit stop sandwiched between two series – the one that just ended, “Teaching Your Kids to BE A BLESSING” (click here to listen to that series) and the one that begins next week, “Equipping Our Kids to SOAR.” Now I want to share with you another story (not the one on the podcast)...

A girl who didn't really know who she was,
met a boy who really didn't know who he was either.

They dated in high school and college.

And, so it was, that two kids who didn’t know who they were or what they were doing, got married.

They thought they’d just keep a bunny as
a pet instead of having any children.

God began stirring their hearts to a different future.

God’s plan was so much better!

They brought home seven precious bundles over the years – seven souls temporarily entrusted to them.

Through many amazing moments and memories, trials, tests, tears, fears, victories and valleys, loving deeply and failing bigly, regrets, repentance, restoring, and, most of all, God walking next to them through every twist and turn, the days came and went, year after year.

The secret sauce that held them together?

It was the holding.

The holding onto HOPE when things looked impossible.

Holding on to time, as in "waiting it out," when they felt like giving in, giving up, or walking away forever.

Holding each other's hand when the way was bumpy, treacherous, or tiring.

But most of all, holding on to Jesus as their Redeemer, Forgiver, transformer, Grace-giver, Comforter, Guide, and King.


One day, thirty years later, the seven precious bundles and their families gave the couple the most unexpected and amazing gift - the gift of an adventure trip! When the couple found out about the trip, they were speechless. They cried. They cried because they had not had a real vacation alone ever. They cried because their precious bundles were also generous and so caring.

They chose a trip that was historically rich, scenery-filled, and surrounded by water. They chose Charleston, South Carolina. Below you can see some pictures from their adventure, in case your family would enjoy visiting this perfect vacation spot too.


If you’d like to listen to our other little story of HOPE (which is not the same story that I shared above) & some details about the tours and activities we chose in historic Charleston, SC, click here to listen to episode 106 "A little bit of hope and a family vacation idea."

Hope you enjoy the following pics that I shared on Instagram during our 30th anniversary trip.


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Fabulous trip! Thank you SO much for sharing!!!

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