This is a 12 color pages download guide for setting up and maintaining your homeschool.  The type is small and there is a lot packed into these twelve pages.

✔Simplifying Schedules, Records, & Curriculum

✔Saving Time & Keeping Your Sanity

✔Making a Student Checklist to Increase Accountability & Responsibility

✔Creating Learning Spots in Your Home

✔Determining Your Priorities & Implementing them into Your Days

✔Character Development & Success Habits

✔Curriculum Choices & Combining Ages

✔A Partnership between Parent & Student

✔Math Success Tips

"System for Homeschool Success" is the subtitle of this guide as it is about building your family's days based on your priorities, and in a way that increases your student's success habits.  Success isn't about perfection.  Success is about lifestyle habits, character development, strong people skills, and seeking after God's will for your family.  This system is designed to help you do that. I share with you what worked for our family, not necessarily what is best for yours. Perhaps you can implement some of these strategies in a way that brings some focus to your family's homeschool goals.   This guide is specifcailly about homeschooling systems. If you would like help with home systems in general, my book Wearing All Your Hats without Wearing Out: Finding Focus to be the Masterpiece Family God Intended, would be another helpful resource for you.

Homeschooling in Real Life