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This book isn’t ten clinical chapters about angelic homes that can pass the relational “white glove” test. It's about the real-life, everyday conflict that you often find yourselves in as a family. Are you ready to open the scary door of your family dynamics to help you get a game plan for cleaning up the conflict traps that might be lurking in your home? In Clash in Your Home, you’ll find a theme of transformation and hope with a message that says, “no matter how many flaws exist in your communication habits today, there is hope for your family to have a future filled with healthy, whole people who enjoy being together and who bring added beauty to one another’s lives.” You will also find strategies for teaching kids (and their parents, ummm- you) how to take off the boxing gloves and work together. We’ll look at Mercy Seat Parenting - the art of balancing mercy with unwavering standards, modeled after the ultimate parent, our Heavenly Father, and how He parents us. You will also learn how to be a “Barometer of Your Child” as you are equipped to evaluate your family’s current communication habits, establish an objective standard of communication based on the Bible, and we’ll look at how to repair past communication wounds and patterns within your family. It's exciting to think how much you can improve your family dynamic as well as your kids' future relationships with a spouse, professors, employers, coworkers, and more, all by dealing with the clash in your home.

Clash in Your Home: A Game Plan for Cleaning Up the Conflict (Our Family God's M

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