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These are great for parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, aunts with their neices and nephews, or for cousins to do together!  MAKE A SEPARATE ORDER FOR EACH LOCATION  FOR THE BONDING BAGS TO BE MAILED.


For each child you'll receive:

*3 very easy to assemble crafts

*3 types of discussion cards- fun facts, character discussion that builds relationship, Bible verse &words of affirmation

The crafts arrive individually packaged and ready to go! 

GLUE and SCISSORS may be needed for some crafts.


I began making BONDING BAGS because my grandkids live in a different state from me and I wanted some ways to connect with them across the miles.

Then it occurred to me that other people may want to also do Bonding Bags.  These work great for intentional aunts and uncles OR for cousins to do together across the miles.  OR, you can do these bonding bags when you are right in the same room with them also.  It doesn't have to only be for loved ones who live far away.

Then I put a craft into each zipbag and each child receives 3 zip bags with three crafts. I also make myself the same zipbags with the same crafts inside. 

Then I send these bags to my grandkids and schedule some Facetime or Zoom calls with them so we can do these crafts together!

During our Distance Bonding Time, we have discussion to build relationship, character, faith in God, and to give them words of affirmation.

Since I've still got my youngest child at home, thirteen-year-old Emma, she makes the craft with them also.

This is one of the Intentional grandparenting traditions I have created. What are some intentional grandparenting actions you do, or your parents do for your kids, or your grandparents did with you?


Thanksgiving Bonding Bags

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