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The Homeschool Roadmap to College:
Secrets to Simplify & Succeed in the High School Journey to College

From a homeschool mom of seven

Val Harrison, The PracticallySpeaking MOM

Podcaster, Blogger, & Author of the seriesYour Family God's Masterpiece


Here's what's inside...

*Feeling Afraid of the Journey:

“Do I have what it takes to teach high school?”

“Can my homeschool student get into college?”

What I learned from a college president and a college professor

*Tools for the Road: Helping Your Student to be Equipped with the Necessary Skills and Habits for Success in College

*Don’t Let FEAR Dictate Your Student’s Next Steps

*Our Family’s College Perspective, Priorities, and “Requirements”

*What You Need to Know about the ACT, CLEPS, Dual-Credit, Diplomas, State Graduation Requirements, and more

*What Records to Keep

*Scholarships and Ways to Avoid College Debt

*Making a “College Hunt” Notebook


The Homeschool Roadmap to College

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