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For being the tiniest bodies in the home, it's sure ironic that their needs are often the loudest. Young children can be especially demanding, but oh how very valuable are these early years. As a busy family it is so hard for parents to juggle a young child’s constant demand for attention while also trying to oversee our older children, manage the household, and just make it all come together. Speaker and author Val Harrison, mother of seven (four graduated from homeschooling and three still in her homeschool) will share practical strategies for scheduling a young child's day in a way that keeps their heart filled while still having time to engage with the older kids, chores, and even God-moments as well. It takes a balance of both ORDER and FLEXIBILITY to identify these God-moments in our children's day and to maximize those moments without drowning in constant chaos. Join us for scheduling, training, loving and living with littles in a busy household.

When Littles are Loud: Maximizing the Moments without Drowning in Chaos

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