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Can a Busy Mom Spend Quality Time with God Every Day?

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Listen to the podcast episode that coincides with this week's blog post: Episode 24, How a Busy Mom Gets Quality Time with God Daily; Becoming a Power House Parent

We've begun a theme in our weekly time together in blog posts and the podcast called "Living a Lifestyle of Feasting with the Father." This theme will last several weeks and week three. On the podcast, we discuss lots of different parenting topics, but I am taking a few minutes in each podcast for several weeks to discuss the topic of living a lifestyle of "feasting" with our Heavenly Father.

* In part 1, blog post and (podcast episode 22), we learned: God is your source – even as multi-tasking marathon mamas, you know that God has prepared a banquet table for you all along your marathon path. What our children need most from us is a mom who is living a lifestyle of Feasting with the Father. Our kids don’t need all the latest gadgets. They don’t need to have a hip mom who knows all the right lingo and dresses in the cutest yoga pants on the block. Your kids don’t need all the greatest entertainment or all the expensive events nearly as much as they need a mom who recognizes that God is her source – her source of strength, of wisdom, of direction, of peace in the midst of life.

* In part 2, (podcast episode 23)We are the atmosphere setters in our family’s life... In our own strength we can maintain a good atmosphere for a little while but when my heart is anemic for the spiritual nourishment I need from my Creator, Provider, Counselor, and Guide, I simply can’t keep up that positive atmosphere in my own strength for very long. The atmosphere of our heart is dependent on filling from the Father."

*In this third part (podcast episode 24) we're looking at daily feasting with the Father. Do you remember in the Old Testament, we find the Israelites wandering in the desert and they need food. So, God sends them manna every day. He said they couldn’t store it up or it would spoil (Exodus 16). He would give them fresh nourishment every day, just the amount they needed. He wanted them to trust Him, that He would provide what they needed. He wanted them to anticipate his provision, and gather it every day. That’s what we want to do also, by taking time with God every day.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably saying, "I don’t get a second to myself without the kids, not even a bathroom break alone. How am I supposed to find time to meet with God every day?"

That’s a great question and I’m so glad you asked!

Here's a few suggestions:

*I pray while I'm falling asleep and waking up -this allows me to begin and end my day with the Lord.

Putting the day ahead in his hands, giving him my concerns while I sleep at night, these are ways to put my mind on Him and recognizing again and again that HE is MY SOURCE for all that I need for that day and for all my circumstances.

I try to always wrap up my morning prayer with this: