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Clarity for the Busy Mom- Stress, Priorities, and Taking Time to Breath w/ Guest Steph Fisher, Ep 57

Here is an episode full of wisdom nuggets for moms to keep the right PERSPECTIVE with your to do list, to keep your PRIORITIES in order, to find STRENGTH in difficult times, AND it wraps up with guest Steph Fisher leading us through a Stress-Relieving Deep Breathing Exercise.  This is a conversation rich in wisdom, encouragement, and motivation for mamas between Val Harrison, The Practically Speaking MOM and her cousin and wellness expert, Steph Fisher.

"Steph, speak to the mom who feels she is in the ash heap of life.  This mom is hearing about this fitness expert mom who is teaching cycling class and eating organic food and it all seems really out of reach to her.  She would love to become mindful in her breathing, but she's just trying to take the next breath literally." Val Harrison, The Practically Speaking MOM

""I've been there and experienced those times where you don't feel you can even take your next breath, deep in the valley. When it all plays out and you look back, you will be in awe...that God was with you in the valley and you'll see the gifts that He has given.  In those hard places He is making you strong.  Your strength is on your knees, at His feet, in your prayer closet, sometimes on your face (I've been there).  Breath in His spirit and say 'I will trust you with this breath.  And then I will trust you with the next breath.' And a thousand breaths later you will see that He did not leave you in that dark place." Steph Fisher, @StephFisherWellness

"Steph, you and I, we have learned to lasso life, learned to live in the fullness of life that God designed for us. We learned to do that by relying on God in the darkness. And we learned how to rely on Him in the darkness by watching our grandma.  She went through a dark place and she went through it partnered with the Lord. Watching her do 'awful' well, was one of the most instrumental pieces to the shaping of who I am and how I handle life. Our kids' faith can grow tremendously by watching their mama or grandma go through great difficulty relying on God." Val

"I was the energizer bunny. I had to take off that hat and say, 'You know what Lord, I'd rather have those intentional connections, and I'd rather have YOUR plans than mine. because doesn't He make our life so much more beautiful." Steph

"When I get all stressed out about manipulating my responsibilities from an angle that is not HEART-related, that's when I start getting really off track." Val

"Start your morning with TRUTH, getting in God's word, getting my focus on Him first thing in the morning, asking Him, 'What do I need to focus on today?'" Steph

The 4 D's: Do it, Delegate it, Dump it, or Leave it unDone - Steph reminds the listeners about Val's podcast episode 38 Mom Making Money: Work Habits that work so your focus can be on your family

"I am a retired people pleasure. Now I'm going every day to the Lord and saying, 'I want to please you. You are my audience of one.'" Steph

Steph talks about "Janning" - journal planning with prayer and she talks about "Figuring out the non-negotiables."

"I'd like to be in control of every little thing but when it comes down to it, I really need to trust it all to God." Steph

"If we got all of our to do list done, we might not realize our need for God.  When the to do list is bigger than we are, we know we need a God who is bigger still. Not only do we need Him, but He has a way better plan, picture, and journey for us than we could orchestrate for ourselves.  SO our goal should not be, 'get it all done.'" Val

About our Guest, Steph Fisher @StephFisherWelness Steph Fisher has been Fitness Director and Head Personal Trainer with several fitness certifications.  She's taught Cycle, Kickbox HIIT, and Pilates for 20+ years, and recently added her 200hr RYT Yoga certification to her list of health leadership experience.  She is also an ERVP with Arbonne.  She's passionate about helping others discover their personal balance and strength.  She's a mama to four great kids and wife to Joey. And she's also Val's cousin!  But who she is most of all, is daughter of the King of Kings who brings her joy and sustaining grace every day! Podcast episodes mentioned in this episode: Episode 38: Mom Making Money: Strategies that Work So Your Focus Can Be on Your Family Episode 14: Raising a Luke 2:52 Kid Episode 22: Mom's Marathon Path Here's more about the concept of Feasting with the Father Episode 24 Here's an episode where I talk more about my grandma and her time in the valley CONNECT with VAL Website Facebook Group Facebook Page  Instagram



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