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Helping Our Kids Get God's Vision for Their Future, Episode 122

God has a unique and perfect design for each of our children and has written their days. He has a purpose and a hope for their lives. Are we teach them to seek His Goals for their life? His ways are better, often bigger, and definitely more blessed than ours! CLICK TO LISTEN to episode 122

I don't want my vision for my family's future. My vision is skewed. My motives are often selfish and my imagination of what could be is often way too small, limited by my doubts and insecurity.

At the beginning of a new year, I want new vision, but I want it to be God's vision for our family. He is the divine Vision-Caster, truly the Master Artist of our family, if we allow Him to be.

I don't want to be heading toward my own limited and incomplete goals and agenda.
I don't want my vision to have come from me.
I want to be heading towards GOD's vision for my family.
I believe that His ways are
1. better than my ways
2. bigger than I could have imagined
3. more blessed than my own ways could have been While I seek to live this out in my life, I also want to equip my children to do the same.

This is an episode you will want your children to listen along with you.
You'll be hearing from four of my children, sharing from their heart about getting God's heart for their future. These are my four youngest children ranging from preteen to young adult and I think what they have to say will resonate with your own heart and the heart of your kids as well.

Isaiah 55:8 Says, “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord… “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts higher than your thoughts.”

About Episode 122: Here's a link to the book mentioned in this episode: Wearing All Your Hats without Wearing Out: Finding Focus for Your Family to be the Masterpiece God Intended While the Content of episode 122 is by me, Val Harrison, The Practically Speaking MOM, we had a guest host this week and you're definitely going to want to get to know her! Meet our guest host: Lisa Nehring directs True North Homeschool Academy, a full-service K-12th grade academy offering live online, small group, dynamic, interactive classes, clubs, Mom's Membership and more! Lisa has been married for 36 years, has 5 grown children, 2 grandchildren and 2 Master's Degrees. Her heart is to come alongside other intentional moms to create a space that welcomes and nurtures truth, beauty and goodness in the world!

To find out about Lisa's classes, clubs, testing, Advising, weekly Blog and more: True North Homeschool Academy Listen to our weekly podcast: Soft Skills 101:Life Skills for a Digital Age Join in the conversation on FB: True North Homeschool Academy Get inspired on Pinterest Join in the fun on Instagram

This is the ministry of Val Harrison, The Practically Speaking MOM.



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