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Raising Emotionally Wise Kids & Teens, a series for intentional parents

OH Mama the emotions we deal with all day long! Whether it is figuring out our newborn baby's cries, facing our toddler's tantrums, our middle schooler's wide range of feelings, or whether it is our own hormones and tiredness and stress which all generate some internal turmoil, emotions are a big part of parenting. Let's learn how to raise emotionally wise kids while we become emotionally wiser also!

Click on each picture below to listen to that episode. See a description of each episode below the picture. DON"T MISS the FREE emotion management resources that are also in this post.

Episode 194 is a follow-up to last week's podcast. You're listening to episode 194. Last week, in 193, we listened in to a recording of me as the guest on the MOM MADE PLANS Podcast. Toward the end of that episode, we heard me share a conversation that recently took place between my college daughter and me. Let's listen again to that scenario and then we will unpack some principles about raising emotionally wise kids.

A phrase often heard these days is EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. To me, emotional intelligence really means that we have become wise about emotions - we have an appropriate awareness about the role of emotions in life. We are honest with ourselves and others about the role that feelings play in life, while also having a game plan for growth and maintenance of those feelings. Let's break it down.

Are you or your kids a People Pleaser? We talk about some characteristics to watch for or overcome. We talk about the importance of recognizing how our physical needs affect our emotions, how to respond to our emotions in a socially responsible way, and the power of introspection. At the end of today's episode, we look at a big pendulum swing that has taken place in our society since the 1950's. We went from being an emotionally unaware society to being a society that is driven by emotions. What's a better balance and can we achieve it in our families?


Who knew that the journey to emotional wholeness could start with a conversation between spouses? That’s exactly what happened for my husband and I, and it's a journey we've not only embarked on within our marriage and family life, but also as a teaching tool for others. In our second week on Raising Emotionally Wise Kids & Teens, let's examine our five-step approach to managing emotions, from identifying and evaluating them, to meeting the root needs, mending emotional wounds and finally, creating a plan for managing and fostering growth.

CLICK HERE for a downloadable page of the five steps including questions to ask.

There's nothing more challenging than recognizing unhealthy emotions and setting boundaries. That’s why we've dedicated an episode to the art of recognizing negative emotions, triggers of those emotions, mending the damage caused by our own actions or words, and creating a game plan for managing and fostering emotional growth. We even delve into a set of powerful questions that can help you on this journey, so don’t miss it!

Thank you for joining us on the Practically Speaking Mom podcast as we continue nurturing emotional wholeness within ourselves, our relationships and our community.

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This FREE RESOURCE goes with episode 195. Click on Image to Print it:


Share some laughs, vulnerable honesty, and getting to the heart of emotional issues in this mother/daughter conversation. Join Abby and me, as we embark on a heartfelt exploration of emotion management and the courage required to face tough situations. We tackle the dangers of letting our emotions dictate our actions and offer guidance on maintaining control.


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Discover the power of four simple words: See, Say, Sit, and Step; Val's fundamental formula to assist children in separating their identity from their emotions, and expressing these feelings in a healthier way. We'll also look into the significance of setting boundaries around emotions, a vital step in maintaining our overall wellbeing.

HERE IS A PDF TO HELP YOU USE THESE FOUR SIMPLE WORDS WITH YOUR CHILD"S EMOTIONS - it's the story of SAM and how he handles his big emotions using four simple words. Discover the power of four simple words: See, Say, Sit, and Step; Val's fundamental formula to assist children in separating their identity from their emotions, and expressing these feelings in a healthier way. We'll also look into the significance of setting boundaries around emotions, a vital step in maintaining our overall wellbeing.


Wouldn't it be nice if our life really was a fairy tale, and everything turned out the way we wanted it to? But life just isn't like that. Things get difficult and today we have a guest to help us with difficult. Join Angela and I for an encouraging chat on how to handle some of the most difficult circumstances in life. What happens when a passionate mental health coach, Angela Starts from Called2Rise, shares her insights on managing life's challenging circumstances? You get a treasure trove of relevant advice and transformative insights! Join Val Harrison, The Practically Speaking MOM and her guest for a lively discussion on all sorts of topics regarding healthy family dynamics. Trauma, a difficult marriage, divorce, co-parenting, making the stepmom an ally, decisional forgiveness, how our bodies hold on to stress, and living in victory after difficulty are some of the topics explored. Parental alienation is also sifted under Angela's expert gaze. We tackle strategies to identify and protect our children from this phenomenon and hear Angela's personal journey through trauma and divorce that's led her to her current ministry. This conversation is sure to motivate and inspire every parent. Listen in for these and more transformative insights that could be the key to a harmonious family life. So, buckle up and get ready for a fascinating exploration into the world of emotional health and family dynamics!

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