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Modesty, Pitfalls in the Purity Movement, and Treasuring Sexuality, Episode 97

You may want to grab your earbuds and listen to this one without the kiddos first.

Then determine if you want them to listen afterward as a springboard for discussion, depending on their age.

This is episode 97 of the Practically Speaking MOM podcast, the place for intentional moms to build strong families. The topic is Modesty & a reflection on the purity movement. Yeah, we’re goin there. Buckle up, you may experience a little turbulence on our journey to intentionality today.

Anytime I enter a critically important topic, I always feel like I’m walking into a minefield because there is SO MUCH that is important and I don’t want to leave any of it out and all of it feel volatile – partly because in any audience there’s a wide variety of people who have been through many different things. On this topic today some of you have been through unimaginable violations of your body others of you have had parents who were dictators and legalistic about the outside of your bodies while neglecting your heart (to be perfectly honest, that was partially me with our older kids). This week we’re in the minefield of modesty & the purity movement. This is an especially precarious minefield because not only is it an important topic but it is a HOT TOPIC. Hot topics are all the buzz and these days, any topic that is getting prime time attention means that lots of emotions are stirred up. "Body shaming/ Body Positive" 'Sex Shaming/Sex Positive" ...These are just a few of the phrases and concepts swirling around society today regarding modesty and sexuality. In this episode, I hope I motivate you to give time and attention and prayer to your parenting perspective on modesty, the purity movement, and your child’s growing view of sexuality. This week’s podcast would probably be best for you to listen first by yourself or with your husband because the two of you need to be having plenty of discussion and prayer together on how you are going to handle this issue with your kids – your kids, both boys and girls, and at every age, needs your GUIDANCE on this complex issue.

RESROUCES for this episode: Materials for your daughters and few for your sons also... Book for you to do with your preteen or teen son - a book for teaching your sons to take responsibility for their thoughts Preparing Your Son for Every Man's Battle (the parent reads the first half of the book alone, then reads the second half of the book together with their son)

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