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Mom Managing Multiples & Managing Her Health

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Our mom guest this week understands when you've been up for four hours in a day when you suddenly realize you haven't eaten anything much less drank any water. We mamas tend to run on fumes. The only problem is, if we want our bodies to improve, we have to give our body FUEL TO FUNCTION. In episode 111, we talk about managing our health AND managing multiple kiddos, too! You will NOT want to miss the second half of this week's episode that is full to the brim with simple ways to maintain sanity and even thrive with multiple kiddos at your house!

We mamas are on a constant quest for improving our health. For each of us, our health journey is unique and what works for you, might not be what the next mama needs.

But one thing we all have in common is that, if we want to make health improvements, we must do it in bite-sized pieces, changing small things, a little at a time.

In this week's podcast episode 111, you'll hear three key changes that our guest, Becca Hammond, implemented to help her in her third pregnancy. She even says her delivery was a positive experience and she felt good, was alert, and had energy! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to episode 111 for her tips on three simple metabolic healing helps to manage mom health.

Mamas managing our health can be tough when we are managing multiple kiddos as well. Also in episode 111, Becca and I talk about important tips for thriving with multiple kiddos. We share four key aspects to helping your kids to thrive daily: 1. Fill their love buckets - speak words of truth & hope & vision over them, make eye contact, give physical touch, show a smile on your face, relating on their level in a way that matters to them. Set a time every day to do this as individual attention. You'll hear a simple way that I implemented this with seven kiddos in this episode as well. 2. Get them moving! 3. Give them mental challenges. 4. Give them quiet time - a time alone to decompress, think, imagine, and self-regulate. Becca shares how she does this with her four and five year old boys.

I also share a Daily Morning Routine that I used with my seven kids.

This routine included:

✔ Reading a family devotional together

✔Doing a Bible Memory activity

✔ Individual Bible Reading Together - each person had their own Bible or picture Bible if they were were too young to read and we'd all have our own personal time with God together. This was how I carved out time for ME to get time alone with God while also giving the children a habit of doing the same.

✔ Routine Rewards- I had this jar of pennies (I think later we made it dimes) and they each had a little cup with their name on it. Every morning about 20 minutes after breakfast, we would meet in the living room and I'd give them recognition for morning routine items completed. I'd say, "stand if you got dressed." I'd go around and put a penny in the cups of those who were standing. Of course, it was obvious who had gotten dressed, but I also asked them, "Stand if you..."

*Put away your pj's

*Made your bed (that was just laying their comforter across their bed- even children as young as three can begin doing this)

*Brushed your teeth

*Dealt with your breakfast dishes

*Brushed your hair

This was my way of reinforcing good habits, reminding them without nagging, and getting it all taken care of first thing in the morning. You see, we have to reinforce what we want repeated.

We talk about this and lots more on this mother/daughter conversation between myself, a mature mama of seven, and one of my grown daughters, a mother of three.


Adrenal Renewal Drink

  • Organic Pulp-free OJ (not from concentrate) 4 oz

  • Cream or Coconut Cream 2 Tbsp

  • Himalayan Sea Salt 1/4 tsp

  • Cream of Tarter 1/4 tsp

  • Collagen, serving size depends on collagen you choose (or Val uses protein powder sometimes, if you blend it. Only blend it in about 2 oz of oj and then add in the rest of the oj and stir or shake, otherwise it froths way too much and spills over in the blender)

  • Optional- if you use a blender or food processor - a scoop of greens such as spinach or kale or a greens powder

Val's Trim Healthy Mama coach: Deann's Facebook

STAY TUNED NEXT WEEK for a big announcement AND we'll be talking about dealing with mom pressure.


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