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Moms Feel the Deepest Feelings

"Some moments in motherhood are pure bliss. It's the big moments of joy when our child learns to walk or say, "I love you" for the first time. Then there are moments in motherhood that are pure agony or fear or regret or concern..." CLICK HERE to listen to episode 140, "Mom's feel the deepest feelings."

I can remember the first time that my first grandson told me he loved me or the time when he was leaving my house from visiting us for a week. That little three-year-old said with his stumbling little words, "I love you, Grandma. I will be back." Oh, my heart melted with joy.

Then there are moments in motherhood that are pure agony or fear or regret or concern.

We mothers are the humans who feel the deepest of feelings as we have these human extensions of ourselves that walk around independently from our body, and yet they are very much a part of us forever.

We learn to somehow cope with the fact that this extension of us is also separate from us - their own person, their own soul, their own heart, their own mind.

It's in those moments of reality that I in prayer place, this part of me, my child, into the hands of Jesus, asking Him to be with my child, wherever they go:
- to see what I can't see,
- to hear what I can't hear,
- to guide,
-to nudge,
- to whisper his love to their heart,
-to reveal truth to their mind.

This Mother's Day weekend, 28 years after my first Mother's Day, my sixth child graduated from high school.

Our Abigail has become her own style of amazing and Rich and I have placed her safely into the watchful loving hands of Jesus.

I'm proud of her.

I know she's ready to embark on every step of the path that God has laid out for her.

She is ready, but is my mama heart ready? Well, I guess it has to be.

I'm going to end today with one of the mom prayers that I have on my website. It's a graduation prayer. Now you can find all of them HERE on my website, which is set up as the six rooms of the intentional mom's home.

This week in honor of Mother's Day, I will be praying for you intentional moms each day.

I will also be sharing a little bit with you several days this week on the podcast. I thought we might as well just celebrate all week! I will be sharing a different mom prayer on Monday Wednesday, and Friday from my collection of thoughts and prayers and encouraging words for moms that are in that section of my website, The Front Porch, I'll be sharing it on my podcast HERE,

I'm ending today with, the graduation prayer that's called A Mother's Milestone Prayer.

I wrote this after my youngest son, Andrew, graduated from high school.

A Mother's Milestone Prayer

“Dear Lord,

I thank you for our son that you entrusted to his father and me these past 18 years.

You alone know the days that lie ahead for this young man.

May you go before him, making the rough places smooth and the crooked places straight.

May you go along behind him to comfort and repair when the path has been difficult.

As he traverses the mountains and valleys ahead, may they be effective in his growth, producing wisdom and strength.

Lord, please keep his feet in the center of your will and his heart turned always toward you.

May his passion for you be stronger than the temptations of the world and your guidance be louder than the distractions.

Surround him with people who encourage him to rise above pitfalls, who lift him to new heights, who challenge him toward greater victories than ever before, and who love him sincerely and even sacrificially.

Give him the courage to bring you glory instead seeking his own accolades and continue to show him that you and I love him unconditionally.

Help me to allow him to stumble and explore but to also know when to speak up in wisdom or even admonishment, but only when YOU want me to.

May I be a good listener, his greatest fan, and his biggest prayer warrior.

And then, dear Lord, please teach my heart how to walk on my road without him near, how to live at a further distance that gives him freedom and growth, allowing us to become life-long friends that bring mutual edification in a deep indescribable bond of love.

And help me always to live in joy and anticipation of the days to come, exemplifying to my children that your ways are worthy and wonderful.”



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