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Podcast: BLOOPERS Year One "Behind the Mic" hosted by Abby & Emma, Episode 59

Emma and Abby behind the mic

Rich and I handed over a year’s worth of bloopers to our youngest two daughters and set them loose to bring you, Behind the Mic with Abby & Emma. 

They  created all of the scripts and give a stellar performance.  If you're looking for some laughs, this episode will NOT disappoint.

"Gabby Abby" and "Emma Dilemma" bring you four categories of bloopers:

*Mom Says It Nice *Surround Sound *Tongue Tied *Serious Hilarious

This is Val Harrison, the Practically Speaking MOM and I approved this episode. What was I thinking?

Electronic sound effects obtained from

Join us next week for our Debut of Year Two, Season Two! (It will publish 11/2/2020)

Emma and Abby writing their script for episode 59 BLOOPERS Year One



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