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Podcast & Pics: 8 Steps to Cut the Laundry Chaos, from a Mom of 7.

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Listen to Val's Podcast that goes with this blog post:

8 Steps to Cut Laundry Chaos and add HAPPY to Your Have-to's, from a mom of 7. Plus listeners' laundry tips, Episode 21.

Teaching your kids how to help with the laundry in a way that increases their character development and decreases mom's workload sounds like a winning combination to me! That's what you find in my 8 Step plan to cut laundry chaos! I tell all about it on my podcast, episode 21. In this episode I also share several other mom's tips about laundry AND let you know how I bring some HAPPY to my HAVE-TO's.

Here's some pictures of my laundry room that I hope will inspire you to bring some sunshine to your dol-drum tasks as well!

I love decorating with the things I actually USE. To me it's simplifying life to make decor useful. PLUS, it makes my "work" so much more enjoyable when the items have a pleasant appearance! The only item in this picture of my laundry room that is an item that I don't USE is my grandsons' framed painting. That's just pure sunshine that's worth gold to this grandma!

Want to hear how I learned to do laundry for nine people in a way that kept chaos to a minimum? Listen to episode 21 of my podcast, The Practically Speaking MOM: 8 Steps to Cut Laundry Chaos and Add Happy to Your Have-to's

This is a shelf that my husband built over my washer and dryer. It's just a narrow ledge for placing my jar of laundry detergent and a small vintage white basket for my specialty dirty clothes. Technically, that white basket is for my Norwex towels and clothes because I have grown to love them and it is best to wash them separately. The brown basket is a laundry basket that is soft and flexible which tends to be easier for a child to carry.

The clear jar is available for many uses. I always keep my eye out for cute jars as I can use them to store beans or beads or to take some lemonade to a friend as a little pick-me-up to let her know I was thinking of her. The coffee mug was one my son gave to me and it makes me happy when I see it, so I decided it needed to hold a small plant that would bring me joy in my laundry room.

Listen to Val's 8 Steps for Cutting Laundry Chaos

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Episode 2,5, 10 make up the series on Time Saving Strategies for busy moms.  Those episodes are: Episode 2: Mom is Master Gardener & "Manager of the Monkeys (and I don't mean your kids)" Episode 5: Getting Kids to Listen the First Time & Following Up After a Chore Episode 10: Overwhelmed? Reduce Chaos One System at a Time

Want to listen to Val's complete workshop on Time Saving Strategies for Busy Homes?  Get the download here: Val Harrison, The Practically Speaking MOM's Audio Download LIVE workshop Time Saving Strategies.

CONNECT with Val: Val's website: Val's Facebook community: Intentional Mom, Strong Family with Val Harrison, the Practically Speaking MOM

I'd love to know how you add HAPPY to the HAVE-TO's in Your Days. I hope you'll share with me!

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