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Simplifying Hospitality, "Teaching Your Kids to BE A BLESSING" Series - Episode 102

We're in the middle of a series on Teaching Our Kids to be a Blessing.

Last week we talked about being a blessing through VOLUNTEERING. CLICK HERE to listen to episode 101 "The Value of Volunteering."

This week, in episode 102, we're looking at incorporating BEING A BLESSING through HOSPITALITY in your busy, hectic, imperfect family life. Learning to create a community right in your own home using your home to care about others while growing your children's character through these intentional community opportunities. HOW would we do this and WHY would we make hospitality a part of our family life? It can be easier than you may think!

I'm joined in the studio by Becca Hammond and she's going to help us SIMPLIFY HOSPITALITY.

If you're looking for a smile and a peaceful bit of encouragement, this episode is for you. Along with a refreshing sigh of relief, this episode will also inspire you to change your perspective. Come on in and experience simple, pure hospitality.

The fear that arises in me when I think of hospitality is - my home isn't good enough for having company and I'm not a good enough cook and I can't afford it and I don't have TIME... Our guest will inspire us while she tells us how to keep it SIMPLE but IMPACTFUL.

Resources mentioned in episode 102:

NEXT WEEK - "The Joy of Being a Blessing AMONG SIBLINGS"

Meet Becca Hammond... Since you're listening to her on the podcast this week, I thought you might enjoy a picture of her with her THREE precious gifts from God. Becca is my second oldest daughter, with a big heart for motherhood and the Lord.

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