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Anxious, Worried, Fearful Child? Here's Help with Val & Becca

We're talking a little bit about breastfeeding, a little about parenting multiples, and a lot about helping your child to deal with anxiety, worry, and fear. This is a powerful episode for peace in you and your child. It's also a light-hearted chat between Val and one of her grown daughters, Becca, mom of three. Join them for a few laughs and a lot of HOPE & HELP for reducing fear in the hearts of your home. LISTEN to EPISODE 180

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Val Harrison, The Practically Speaking MOM, is mom to seven, grandma to four, and wife to Rich for 31 years. They have graduated six with one more in eighth grade. God has placed a calling on Val's heart to encourage and equip intentional moms to build strong families, through her podcast, books, blog, events, and Facebook mom community.



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