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Touring the Six Rooms of the Intentional Home, Episode 78

"Motherhood is a sacred appointment.. Only problem is, plenty of minutes in my day I feel more like a pinball being pinged from one issue to the next... The role of mom often feels more scattered than sacred."

Click Here to listen to Episode 78, Touring The Six Rooms of the Intentional Mom's Home. Let's explore together the heart of our ministry to moms. Episode 78 is full of parenting nuggets in all the areas of your momlife.

Motherhood is a sacred appointment. We have the divine role of shaping these little or big hearts that have been entrusted to us.

Only problem is, plenty of minutes in my day I feel more like a pinball being pinged from one issue to the next – whether I’m dealing with sibling squabbles, menu planning, pet stains, schedule challenges, or budget challenges… the role of mom often feels more scattered than sacred.

Being a mom is SO BIG that it is frequently OVERWHELMING even to the most seasoned of mothers. What can we do to reduce the struggle and increase our clarity?

It was from my wrestling with and praying about this common mom struggle that I began keeping six notebooks, one for each of the six main areas of my momlife. I told you about these notebooks in Episode 75 and called them my Mom Brain Books. CLICK HERE to go back to that earlier episode. The goal of today's podcast, episode 78 is to show you the connection between those six areas of the momlife & this ministry.

Reducing the Struggle & Gaining Clarity

These notebooks were a total game-changer for me. Not only did it help me get more organized, but it also accidentally, helped me learn to prioritize the tasks in my life.

For example, As I began tracking things in my Family Room Notebook that deals with sibling relationships or parent child relationships or heart issues or character development, it didn’t take me long to figure out that those sacred tasks of parenting my child’s heart is far more important than anything I’m writing down in my Laundry Room Notebook, or that taking time for my relationship with God must supersede all my other roles because HE IS MY SOURCE for fulfilling all of those other roles.

A recipe for laundry detergent or learning how to mend a shirt, is not anywhere near the importance of mending a broken heart or a wounded spirit in my child. All of those are tasks that we moms face every day, but some of our tasks are of much greater importance than others. I needed to learn that, to get better clarity for all my tasks, to identify the MORE important from the LESS important.

So, should we just STOP learning to mend a shirt or keep a budget or create a menu?

No, making simple systems for those things matter because the more efficient I become in my mundane tasks, the more I am freed up to focus on what matters most - tending the hearts of my children.

Sure, teaching my child how to scramble eggs or plant a raspberry bush are very useful skills. However, my child’s heart and my child’s ability to maintain healthy relationships or grow in character qualities such as honesty, hard work, diligence, or their ability to make good friend choices, or how to confront firmly but kindly, these are sacred issues for me to cover with my kids.

My six notebooks have helped me to not be quite as bugged or overwhelmed by the minutia of mom tasks when a sacred moment to impact my child’s heart arises unexpectedly. Click HERE to listen to Episode 75 with more info about My Six Mom Brain Books

The Six Rooms of Val's Ministry

When I was preparing to launch my podcast, I was also in the process of revamping my website. At that time all of my blog posts were just randomly displayed, no organization at all to them. Since keeping the six notebooks made such a difference in my life, it just seemed fitting to reorganize my ministry content into the same six rooms that I had been organizing my life. Thus was born the theme that now runs throughout my ministry of the six rooms of the intentional moms home.

Also in episode 78, I take you back to the beginning of this podcast when I introduced the six rooms of my ministry. It's a little peek into what treasures await you when you go to my website,, and click in each of the six rooms. Put your seatbelt on because you’re about to hear A LOT of parenting nuggets. CLICK HERE to listen to episode 78. I thought you might find it helpful to have a cross reference of most of my episodes. You can always look in the six individual rooms on my website to find all of these, but I did divide the family room into some additional categories. I hope you find this helpful.

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My husband, Rich, joins me for all the marriage episodes.

He also is the tech producer of the podcast. This ministry is definitely a partnership with my husband of 29 years.


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